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Second Season (1975-1976)

24. The Richest Man In Walnut Grove
25. Four Eyes
26. Haunted House
27. In The Big Inning
28. The Campout
29. The Spring Dance
30. Remember Me [2 parts]
31. Ebenezer Sprague
32. At The End Of The Rainbow
33. The Gift
34. His Father's Son
35. The Talking Machine
36. The Pride Of Walnut Grove
37. A Matter Of Faith
38. The Runaway Caboose
39. Troublemaker
40. The Long Road Home
41. For My Lady
42. Centennial
43. Soldier's Return
44. Going Home

24. The Richest Man In Walnut Grove 09/10/75
After the mill closes, Charles is unable to pay off his debt at the mercantile. Charles must taken on several jobs at the same time. Mary gets a job to help the family, while Laura does the chores at home. When the bill finally gets paid, Nels tells Charles that he thinks Charles is the richest man in Walnut Grove, since he has a very loving family.

25. Four Eyes 09/17/75
Mary is beginning to do worse in school because she has a hard time reading the blackboard. When Mary first gets her new glasses, she really likes them. The other school children begin to tease her. She purposely loses her glasses, until she realizes that her teacher, who wears glasses, has a boyfriend.

26. Haunted House 09/24/75
Laura goes into a haunted house when Nellie dares her to do it. She becomes a friend of the old man that lives there, Mr. Pike. She finds out that he is waiting for his wife to return. After Laura learns that Mrs. Pike died years ago, she helps Mr. Pike cope with the death of his wife.

27. In The Big Inning 10/01/75
It's time for baseball! After losing badly last year, Walnut Grove expects to win with their star pitcher, Mr. Mumford. People in Walnut Grove are so confident that they are going to win, they place bets on the game. However, Mr. Mumford's wife won't let her husband play because of the gambling. Caroline convinces Mr. Mumford's wife to let her husband play on the condition that any money made from the game goes to the church.

28. The Campout 10/08/75
Mrs. Oleson doesn't want the Ingalls children to beat her children on a leaf-gathering project. Thus the Olesons go with the Ingalls on their camping trip. The Olesons manage to get into trouble out in the wild, which causes the campers to have a miserable time.

29. The Spring Dance 10/29/75
Laura and Grace Snider are both trying to have someone ask them to the spring dance. However, the people these two want to invite don't seem interested in going. In the end, the girls ask the guys to the dance.

30. Remember Me (2 Parts) 11/05/75, 11/12/75
The Ingalls' neighbor, the widow Julia Sanderson, finds out that she will die soon. She asks Charles to find a good home for her three children. After Julia dies, Charles has a difficult time finding someone that will take all three of the children. Just when Charles decides he must separate the children, Mr. Edwards marries Grace. They decide to adopt the three children.

31. Ebenezer Sprague 11/19/75
Charles and Hansen build a bank in Walnut Grove. The banker is Mr. Sprague, a cold and heartless man. Laura becomes friends with Mr. Sprague without knowing who he really was. Mr. Sprague believes that Charles sent Laura to him to try to persuade Mr. Sprague to give a loan to Mr. Ingalls. After Mr. Sprague accuses Laura of this, Charles pays him a visit. In the end, a box of books was donated to the school by Mr. Sprague.

32. At The End Of The Rainbow 12/10/75
While fishing in a stream, Laura and a friend stumble upon "gold". They spend several weeks trying to pick up all of the gold. When they bring it to the bank, they learn that it is only fool's gold.

33. The Gift 12/17/75
The school children have saved up some money to buy the Reverend a birthday present. They give the money to Mary, who is in charge of buying the present. Laura convinces Mary to buy something that they could sell to people with the hope that they could buy Reverend Alden a better gift. The plan backfires when they are unable to sell anything. Mary and Laura explain to the Reverend what they did. On Sunday, Reverend Alden thanks the children for buying a wooden box that he could put his old Bible in.

34. His Father's Son 01/07/76
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards adopt John Sanderson. John is a lot more interested in books than farming or hunting. Mr. Edwards tries to make him different and buys him a gun for his birthday. John, not wanting to hurt Mr. Edwards' feelings, gives him a letter explaining why he didn't want to hunt. Mr. Edwards says nothing about what is written and John thinks it is because he is not loved. They go hunting and encounter a bear. Isaiah is hurt when John freezes up and is unable to shoot the bear. He goes and gets help for Mr. Edwards. Later, John finds out that Isaiah can't read and thus was unable to read his letter about his feelings on hunting.

35. The Talking Machine 01/14/76
Jason is a young man who is very interesting in new inventions and electricity. Laura offers to help him out. Both Laura and Nellie are trying to get his attention. One day, Laura invites Jason to dinner and he accepts. This causes Nellie to want to get even. Nellie accomplishes this by having Laura come to her room and talk about her feelings for Jason. At the same time, Willie is secretly recording their conversation. In class, Nellie lets everybody here the recording. When Laura hears this, she is embarrassed and runs out of school. When Laura does see Jason again, she finds out that Jason feels the same way about her.

36. The Pride Of Walnut Grove 01/28/76
Mary is excited when she has the chance to participate in a state-wide math competition. The problem is that Charles can't afford to have her go. The town council decides to pay all of these costs since Mary would be representing the entire town. Mary ends up finishing second in the competition. Mary feels that she let the town down until she returns home to a hero's welcome.

37. A Matter Of Faith 02/04/76
Charles and his girls go on a trip, while Caroline stays home. Just before they leave, she gets a scratch on her leg by a rusty nail. At first, everything seems OK. However, as time progresses, she gets weaker and weaker. She has to burn out the infection from the scratch on her own. She recovers thanks to Doc Baker's help.

38. The Runaway Caboose 02/11/76
Mary, Laura, and Mr. Edwards' adopted son, Carl, go along with Charles and Mr. Edwards to a train station. The three children wander into the caboose. The caboose then begins to move backwards. Charles is able to catch up to a train that was heading straight for the caboose just before tragedy would have struck.

39. Troublemaker 02/25/76
The school board of Walnut Grove hires a new school teacher when Ms. Beadle is unable to control some of her students. The new teacher, Hannibal Applewood, has a bad temper. Mr. Applewood dislikes Laura from the start and punishes her unfairly. When Charles finds out how Mr. Applewood was behaving, a school board meeting was called. They decided to let Ms. Beadle teach again. The children worked together to make sure that the "Troublemaker" didn't misbehave anymore.

40. The Long Road Home 03/03/76
Charles, Mr. Edwards, and two other men take a job that involves handling and transporting explosives. They must deal with many things along the road, including prejudice.

41. For My Lady 03/10/76
Charles takes a job refinishing woodwork for Thurman in exchange for a nice set of china to give to Caroline. Widow Thurman was a lovely, young lady. To keep his secret, Charles had to lie. After he tells the girls and Caroline different stories, everyone suspects that Charles is having an affair. Their suspicions are proven to be false when Charles finally gives Caroline the china.

42. Centennial 03/17/76
The Independence Day celebration in Walnut Grove is threatened when taxes are increased. A Russian immigrant shows the people why America is a great place. Even though the immigrant lost his land since he couldn't pay his taxes, he was happy to be in America. He considered it to be the best place to live in the world.

43. Soldier's Return 03/24/76
The son of Mrs. Whipple returns to Walnut Grove after serving in the Civil War. To forget his painful past, he takes morphine. His addiction to this eventually ends up killing him.

44. Going Home 03/31/76
After a tornado ruins his crop, Charles decides to sell the land and return to the Big Woods of Wisconsin without consulting his family. In this episode Mary and John Junior, Mr. Edward's son, share their first kiss before she leaves. After the Ingalls begin thinking about the good times in Walnut Grove, they decide to stay in Walnut Grove and give things another try.

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