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Fourth Season (1977-1978)

64. Castoffs
65. Times of Change
66. My Ellen
67. The Handyman
68. The Wolves
69. The Creeper of Walnut Grove
70. To Run and Hide
71. The Aftermath
72. The High Cost of Being Right
73. The Fighter [90 minutes]
74. Meet Me At the Fair
75. Here Come The Brides
76. Freedom Flight
77. The Rivals
78. Whisper Country
79. I Remember, I Remember
80. Be My Friend [90 minutes]
81. The Inheritance
82. The Stranger
83. A Most Precious Gift
84. I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away [2 parts]

64. Castoffs 09/12/77
When Laura's dog, Jack, dies, her Pa gives her a new dog, Bandit, after the dog follows him home. Although the dog seems very friendly to Laura, Laura doesn't want it. When Laura later visits Aunt Kezia, a lonely women, she realizes that she really loves Bandit.

65. Times of Change 09/19/77
Charles and Mary are at first thrilled when they get ready to take their first trip to Chicago. They soon learn what big city life is like. They end up being more than happy when they return home.

66. My Ellen 09/26/77
Laura and Mary convince Ellen's mom to let Ellen come and swim with them. While they are swimming, a couple of boys come to get a "better look." When the girls realize the boys are there, they duck under the water. Ellen never resurfaces. Laura brings Ellen's mother, Eloise, flowers one day to try and cheer her up. Eloise, still in denial about the death of Ellen, believes that Laura is actually Ellen. Laura is found when Eloise is in town looking for a birthday present for Ellen.

67. The Handyman 10/03/77
Charles must take a delivery to Mankato immediately and is unable to finish the addition to his house. Caroline hires a handsome man, Chris, to finish the house. Mary suspects that her Ma and Chris are falling in love. When Chris hears what Mary suspects, he leaves town. Mrs. Ingalls explains to Mary what was actually going on. They go after Chris; Mary convinces him to stay on for a little while.

68. The Wolves 10/17/77
Charles and Caroline go away and leave Mary in charge. Laura and Andy find some baby wolves and set up a pen for them in the barn. When they were outing feeding the animals, the barn is surrounded by several wild dogs. They try very hard to get into the barn. When Laura's dog, who had been bitten by a wild dog, shows up at the Garveys, Mr. Garvey rides out to the Ingalls' home. Andy's father and a few other men are able to shoot the dogs.

69. The Creeper of Walnut Grove 10/24/77
Things are being stolen in Walnut Grove. Laura and Andy try to figure out who's the crook. They end up getting a lot of people mad at them, including Mr. Ingalls, especially after his hair turned green.

70. To Run and Hide 10/31/77
When Doc Baker is unable to save a patient of his, he believes that he is unhappy being a doctor. He finds a new doctor for the town. Doc Baker stays on when he realizes that the new doctor really doesn't care about his patients.

71. The Aftermath 11/07/77
Jesse James and his brother, Frank, hide out in Walnut Grove. When the people of Walnut Grove find out who the people really are, the outlaws begin to take hostages. The outlaws realize they made a big mistake in who they had taken as hostages.  Eventually they release the hostages.

72. The High Cost of Being Right 11/14/77
After Mr. Garvey's barn burns to the ground with the crops inside, his wife, Alice, takes a job at the post office. Mr. Garvey opposes this believing that a man should be able to support his family. He is ready to get a divorce until he realizes what his stubborn pride was doing to his family.

73. The Fighter 11/21/77 [90 minutes]
People in Walnut Grove are betting on a big boxing match in town. Mr. Ingalls does not know that he will be fighting an extremely sick person. That's why Charles is surprised in the ring when he is able to defeat his opponent so quickly. After his opponent collapses, he is brought to Doc Baker. Doc Baker is able to save him but warns him that he needs to stop fighting.

74. Meet Me At The Fair 11/28/77
The Ingalls travel to the annual fair. When Carrie gets tired, she climbs into the basket of a hot-air balloon. When the hot-air balloon is set free, the adventure begins as everybody has to catch the balloon that has Carrie inside.

75. Here Comes The Brides 12/05/77
Adam Simms and his son Luke move into town. Adam falls in love with Miss Beadle, while Luke and Nellie Oleson fall for each other. After Miss Beadle talks to Nellie about love and marriage, Nellie and Luke decide to get married. Mr. and Mrs. Oleson arrive to end the marriage of Luke and Nellie. Adam and Miss Beadle get married in the church that night instead.

76. Freedom Flight 12/12/77
An Indian boy comes to Walnut Grove trying to get help for his sick father. The people of Walnut Grove become very hostile toward the Indians. Thanks to Mr. Ingalls' help the Indians are able to escape.

77. The Rivals 01/09/78
Charles must try to save his business from a competitor. Laura, who is love with Jimmy Hill, must compete with somebody else for him.

78. Whisper Country 01/16/78
Mary gets a teaching job in a very rural community. Miss Peal, a person of this community, is against the school. She convinces the other people in the community that school isn't needed. Everyone in the community soon learns that Miss Peal can't read when Mary asks her to read a passage from the Bible. The community, including Miss Peal, then become more receptive to the school.

79. I Remember, I Remember 01/23/78
Mr. Ingalls is severely delayed when a wheel breaks on his wagon in the pouring rain. This is the day of Charles and Caroline's wedding anniversary. Everything had been all prepared and set up for that day. When Charles doesn't show up in time, Caroline tells the children how hard it was to get Charles to notice her and how many heartbreaks she had before she finally knew that Charles loved her.

80. Be My Friend 01/30/78 [90 minutes]
When Laura is playing along a creek, she finds a bottle with a note in it. The note read, "Be my friend." Laura convinces Pa to help her look for the person who sent the note. They end up finding a baby. Charles then searches for the parents of the child. The baby belongs to teen parents. The reason the mother left the baby for the Ingalls to find was because her dad was opposed to her being with the guy she conceived the child with. The young parents take the baby and try things again.

81. The Inheritance 02/06/78
Charles receives a sum a money from one of his relatives. Everybody tries to tell Charles how to spend the money. Charles spends the money without realizing that it was Confederate money. This almost caused him to lose his entire farm.

82. The Stranger 02/20/78
A nephew of Mr. Oleson's comes for a visit to try to learn some morals. Mr. Oleson ends up sending the child to Mr. Ingalls. Mr. Ingalls has the child help him on the farm. After being with the Ingalls, he learns how he should behave. He goes back home being a changed man.

83. A Most Precious Gift 02/27/78
Charles and Caroline are going to have another baby. Caroline constantly refers to the baby as he. Caroline delivers the baby sooner than expected causing Charles to be the doctor. The baby ends up being a girl, Grace.

84. I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away [2 parts] 03/06/78, 03/13/78
Mary falls in love with Seth. When Mary's eyesight starts to get worse, Charles takes her to a specialist. He is devastated when the specialist tells him that Mary will lose her sight. Charles is unable to tell Mary for a while that she is going blind. When Mary does go blind, the whole family suffers. Charles and Caroline sign Mary up for the blind school in Iowa. At first, Mary is very reluctant to learn anything at the school. However, after being with her teacher, Adam Kendall, for a while, she turns her outlook on life around. Mary is such a great student that Adam asks her to help her teach at a blind school with him. This is a very emotional show!

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