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Fifth Season (1978-1979)

85. As Long As We're Together [2 parts]
86. The Winoka Warriors
87. The Man Inside
88. There's No Place Like Home [2 parts] (2nd part is 90 minutes)
89. Fagin
90. Harriet's Happenings
91. The Wedding
92. Men Will Be Boys
93. The Cheaters
94. Blind Journey [2 parts]
95. The Godsister [90 minutes]
96. The Craftsman
97. Blind Man's Bluff
98. Dance With Me [90 minutes]
99. The Sound of Children
100. The Lake Kezia Monster
101. Barn Burner
102. Enchanted Cottage
103. Someone Please Love Me
104. Mortal Mission
105. The Odyssey

85. As Long As We're Together [2 parts] 09/11/78, 09/18/78
Poor economic conditions cause the Ingalls to move closer to Mary. Mary is now teaching at the blind school. The Ingalls move to be closer to Mary, where she helps teach the younger blind students. Laura catches an orphan, Albert, stealing from their hotel. Charles becomes friends with Albert and invites him to Mary's birthday party. Charles even sells his fiddle to buy Mary a gift. At the party, Mary gives Pa his fiddle back. Laura gives Mary a card. Mary is so proud of Laura writing the letter in braille. Almost everyone is in tears, including Mrs. Oleson, when Mary announces that she has nothing to wish for, since she has everything that she could possibly want.

86. The Winoka Warriors 09/25/78
A blind student feels he is useless. He is reluctant to do anything at the blind school. The student gains self-confidence when he is talked into being the quarterback for the Winoka football team. He is able to throw Albert across the goal line during the game to score the winning touchdown for the Winoka Warriors.

87. The Man Inside 10/02/78
Amelia, a new girl that Laura meets in school, is ashamed of her very overweight father. Her father works at the blind school where Mary works. All the blind students like him a lot. They claim that they can see his love. One day, Laura and some other students from school, start making fun of the overweight person, not knowing that they were making fun of Amelia's father. Amelia's father pretends to leave town since his girl is so ashamed of him. He hides out at the blind school. When he is involved in an accident, Amelia reveals to her dad how much she loves him.

88. There's No Place Like Home [2 parts] 10/09/78, 10/16/78
The Ingalls, Olesons, and Garveys get tired of the bustling city life and decide to return to Walnut Grove. The Ingalls take Albert along with them. They get home and discover a town that is badly in need of repair. With a lot of hard work, they're able to get the town back to its old self.

89. Fagin 10/23/78
Laura feels ignored and left out when Charles spends all of his time with Albert and the calf given to Albert. Albert runs away after overhearing Charles and Caroline talking about Laura not feeling that she is part of the family anymore. Laura takes Albert's calf to the fair and wins first place. She dedicates the award to Albert. Albert, who is secretly hiding and watching the show, comes out when he hears Laura's heartfelt words.

90. Harriet's Happenings 10/30/78
Harriet Oleson begins writing an editorial in the newspaper called "Harriet's Happenings". Things become bad when Harriet starts writing nasty things about a family. One day at church, while Reverend Alden is away, Charles is giving the sermon. To try to show Mrs. Oleson that she was wrong for saying the things she did against the German family, Charles asks Mrs. Oleson to come up and read a German bible for everyone. When she can't read it, Mrs. Oleson realizes that a German family is no different than any American family.

91. The Wedding 11/06/78
Adam finally asks Mary to marry him. She begins having second thoughts when her parents starting talking about being grandchildren and how hard it was to keep track of Mary when she was little. Mary begins to wonder if she could take care of a child. A blind child gets caught in a dust storm and is found by Mary and Adam. After this, Mary realizes that she has nothing to worry about. They get married by Reverend Alden.

92. Men Will Be Boys 11/13/78
Jonathan and Charles allow their boys to prove their manhood by allowing them to take a trip to Sleepy Eye by themselves. Jonathan and Charles secretly follow the boys. The boys end up making the trip with no problems at all. However, the fathers get into some embarrassing situations following their boys.

93. The Cheaters 11/20/78
Andy Garvey's mother is embarrassed by her son's performance at school. She hires Nellie Oleson to tutor him. Nellie reveals to Andy how she gets such good grades. Nellie makes Andy keep the secret of Nellie cheating. Andy eventually admits what he has been doing and his mother makes sure that Nellie isn't able to cheat on the next test.

94. Blind Journey [2 parts] 11/27/78, 12/04/78
When the blind school closes up, the people of Walnut Grove decide to make the old Reverend's house a blind school. Charles leads the students to their new school. Mrs. Oleson comes along on the trip because she believes that a prominent person will be with them. The prominent person, Hester-Sue turns out to be black. Mrs. Oleson changes her opinion on blacks after she listens to a blind, black boy asking why Mrs. Oleson didn't like him.

95. The Godsister 12/18/78
Carrie gets very lonely when no one is able to play with her. Carrie creates an imaginary friend, Elissa. She passes the time by "playing" with Elissa.

96. The Craftsman 01/08/79
Albert becomes an apprentice of an old Jew, Isaac. The people in school call Albert a Jew-lover and beat him up. Albert learns a sense of pride from Isaac. Albert and Isaac become the best of friends.

97. Blind Man's Bluff 01/15/79
After a boy is in an accident, he pretends to be blind to keep his parents from getting divorced. Laura discovers that the boy isn't blind, but doesn't tell his parents because the boy pleads with her not to. The boy is involved in another accident and has a concussion. The concussion causes him to not remember his pretending to be blind.

98. Dance With Me 01/22/79
Laura and Albert do some matchmaking for the upcoming dance.

99. The Sound Of Children 02/05/79
Mary is expecting a child. Mary is able to get Adam closer to his father because of the expectancy of a child. His father even suggests that Mary and Adam come live with him. After Mary has a miscarriage, Mary and Adam really find out that Adam's father only wanted to be with Adam because of the baby. They decide to remain in Walnut Grove.

100. The Lake Kezia Monster 02/12/79
Kezia, a friend of Laura and Albert, believes she shouldn't have to pay taxes. The property goes up for sale and Mrs. Oleson buys it. Mrs. Oleson agrees to allow Kezia to be their servant. To try to get Mrs. Oleson off of the property, Laura and Albert tell Nellie and Willie that a monster was in the lake. Laura and Albert do several things to try to scare the Olesons off of the property. They finally succeed in doing that when they dress up as a Loch Ness monster.

101. Barn Burner 02/19/79
The price of wheat is falling. The farmers agree to sell their wheat at a set price. However, one person in town sells to somebody at a lower price because he didn't want a black person to get the same price for wheat as he did. Mr. Garvey goes to the man's house and embarrasses him in front of his wife. The man goes to Garvey's home, but only Andy is there. He knocks Andy unconscious. When Andy awakens, he brings a lantern outside and takes off on the horse to warn his dad. After finding his dad, the Garveys return to find their barn on fire. The man who knocked Andy out is charged with the crime until Andy realizes that he probably accidently caught the barn on fire by leaving the lantern outside.

102. The Enchanted Cottage 02/26/79
Mary starts to be able to distinguish light from dark and the Ingalls believe she is regaining her sight. Mary is taken to the specialist only to discover that a brain impulse was causing her to see light when she felt the heat from the sun coming through a window. While Mary is away, Albert and Laura fix up Mr. Edwards' old home. However, the only colors of paint that the mercantile has is pink and purple. Mary returns and talks to Laura in the old Edwards' cabin. Laura tells Mary that her and Albert were building a club house. Mary tells Laura she is glad she can't see the room after Laura tells her what colors they used.

103. Someone Please Love Me 03/05/79
Charles stays with a family while looking for some horses to buy. The children of the family asks Mr. Ingalls if he could possibly do something to keep their parents from splitting up. Thanks to Charles talking to the husband and the wife, they decide to stay together and work things out.

104. Mortal Mission 03/12/79
Two men need money to survive the winter so they sell meat they know is infected with anthrax. Several people in Walnut Grove get sick, so Charles and Mr. Garvey travel to Springfield to pick up medical supplies. On the way back, a man holds them up and takes the wagon. Charles and Jonathan follow him to his house. The crazed man's wife finally convinces her husband to let them go. Charles and Jonathan make it back. Several people die in this show but all of the main actors are OK. There is a brief period in this episode where Laura actually goes blind due to being infected with anthrax.

105. The Odyssey 03/19/79
Albert and Laura leave home to run away with their friend, Dhillon. Dhillon, who is dying from leukemia, wants to achieve his life long dream of seeing the Pacific Ocean. Mr. Ingalls catches up with the children, but when he finds out what is going on, he helps them get to the ocean.

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