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Sixth Season (1979-1980)

106. Back To School [2 parts]
107. The Family Tree
108. The Third Miracle
109. Annabelle
110. The Preacher Takes a Wife
111. The Halloween Dream
112. The Little House Years [3 parts] [Thanksgiving series special!]
113. The Return of Mr. Edwards
114. The King is Dead
115. The Faith Healer
116. Author, Author
117. Crossed Connections
118. The Angry Heart
119. The Werewolf of Walnut Grove
120. Whatever Happened to the Class of '56?
121. Darkness is My Friend
122. Silent Promises
123. May We Make Them Proud [2 hours]
124. Wilder and Wilder
125. Second Spring
126. Sweet Sixteen
127. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not [2 parts]

106. Back To School [2 parts] 09/17/79, 09/24/79
The school's new teacher is Ms. Wilder. Laura falls in love with Ms. Wilder's brother Almanzo. Laura is crushed when Nellie invites Almanzo over for dinner. Laura gets even with Nellie by volunteering to cook dinner for them. Laura adds some hot spices to the chicken and since Nellie had said that she had cooked the meal, Almanzo stays away from Nellie. When Laura and Nellie get in a fight about the graduation test, Almanzo separates them and takes Laura home with him. When Charles finds out that Almanzo took Laura home with him, Charles goes to Almanzo's place and punches Almanzo because he fears his daughter was being taken advantage of. Laura yells at the fighting pair and tells them that she is no longer a child.

107. The Family Tree 10/01/79
Each student must trace their family tree for a school assignment. Albert is unsure how he can do the assignment. The Ingalls decide to legally adopt Albert, but run into problems when Mr. Quinn, Albert's father shows up. He wants Albert until he sees him. Albert pretends to be blind with the hope that his father wouldn't want him. The blindness does the trick. Albert is legally adopted by the Ingalls.

108. The Third Miracle 10/08/79
After the stagecoach is involved in a very serious accident, Mary must save the life of a woman and her unborn child.

109. Annabelle 10/15/79
A circus comes to Walnut Grove. Everybody is helping set up, except Nels Oleson. His long, lost sister is in the circus. Only Mrs. Oleson believes her husband's story about his sister. Nels is nominated to be the announcer at the circus. When he announces his sister, he says, "My sister, Annabelle." These words lead to Nels and Annabella becoming very close siblings.

110. The Preacher Takes A Wife 10/22/79
Mrs. Craig is in love with Reverend Alden. Although Mrs. Oleson tries to stop Reverend Alden from marrying Mrs. Craig, the wedding goes on as planned.

111. The Halloween Dream 10/29/79
Alber's imagination starts to get the better of him when he dreams that he and Laura are taken by Indians.

112. The Little House Years [3 parts] [Thanksgiving series special!]
The Ingalls are together for Thanksgiving. They each tell stories about some things that stick out in their minds. This special shows clips from the preceding episodes.

113. The Return Of Mr. Edwards 11/05/79
Charles and Laura rush to the aid of Mr. Edwards.

114. The King is Dead 11/12/79
Jonathan is tricked into believing that he is a good wrestler. The guy that tricks Jonathan into believing that is just trying to make money off of Jonathan. In the end, Jonathan has somebody take his place in the wrestling ring.

115. The Faith Healer 11/19/79
A faith healer comes to Walnut Grove. He is able to convince people that he is better than the Reverend or Doc Baker. He is found out to be a fake when a little boy dies from a ruptured appendix

116. Author, Author 11/26/79
Caroline's mother dies while traveling on a train heading for Walnut Grove. Caroline's father takes to the sod house for a while. Albert is the one that convinces him to go fishing with him. Caroline's father tells great stories of the children growing up in the Big Woods. Mr. Ingalls convinces Caroline's father to write down the stories. The Ingalls work hard to save up enough money to get the book published. Caroline's father leaves knowing that he is a published author.

117. Crossed Connections 12/10/79
Harriet Oleson causes trouble between Alice and Jonathan Garvey when the telephone is first introduced in Walnut Grove. Mrs. Oleson listened to a conversation between Alice Garvey and her mother. They were discussing Alice's first husband. Mrs. Oleson tells Jonathan that his wife had been married before. Jonathan decides to leave for a while to cool off. While on a delivery with Charles, Jonathan meets Alice's ex-husband and finds out why Alice didn't talk about him. Jonathan returns home and asks his wife and his son to forgive him.

118. The Angry Heart 12/17/79
Todd was a boy who got beaten up by his drunk father. Now Todd is 17 and is visiting his grandparents in Walnut Grove. Todd quickly gets into trouble. Charles puts Todd in jail when his watch is stolen. Todd is forced to work on Mr. Ingalls' farm. This causes Todd to learn to become a nicer person.

119. The Werewolf Of Walnut Grove 01/07/80
Walnut Grove has a school bully, Bart. Albert and Laura want to teach the bully a lesson. Albert dresses up as a werewolf, but the bully doesn't buy it when Carrie comes out and tells Albert and Laura that she'll tell Ma that all of the glue was used by them. Laura and Albert come up with another plan. But in the end, it takes the joint efforts of the school children to get the bully to be nice.

120. Whatever Happened To The Class Of '56 01/14/80
Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls travel to a farmers convention. They want to meet up with some of their old friends. Charles tries to convince the small farmers to stand up to the larger farms. Caroline is ready to go home when she finds out that several of her friends are unhappy with the way their lives have turned out. The Ingalls are more than happy to go back home.

121. Darkness Is My Friend 01/21/80
Some escaped convicts take refuge at the blind school during a stormy night. Laura and Mary are held captives there. One of the convicts tells Laura to go get a doctor. Laura goes and gets her Pa. Pretending to be the doctor, Charles is able to disarm the convicts. Luckily, nobody is hurt in this episode.

122. Silent Promises 01/28/80
A deaf boy learns how to communicate with people when Laura teaches him sign language. The boy falls in love with Laura and not wanting to hurt his feelings, Laura pretends to love him. Eventually, she reveals to the deaf boy that she really loves someone else.

123. May We Make Them Proud 02/04/80 [2 hours]
There is a picnic at the blind school. Albert and his friend accidently leave a smoking pipe in the basement. The school catches on fire; Mrs. Garvey and Mary's baby are killed because of it. Mary goes into shock, while Jonathan blames God for what happened. Albert is able to pull Mary out of her shock. Jonathan talks to Albert and helps him deal with what he had done.

124. Wilder and Wilder 02/11/80
Almanzo's brother, Perley comes to town. Perley injures one of Almanzo's horses. Mr. Ingalls is proud of Almanzo when Charles sees him trying to nurse his horse back to normal. Throughout the show, Almanzo becomes more interested in Laura.

125. Second Spring 02/18/80
Nels gets fed up with his wife and decides to peddle goods outside of town. Nels meets a lovely young lady and starts to fall in love with her. Nels finally tells the lady that he is married. Nels then returns home to his wife and family.

126. Sweet Sixteen 02/25/80
Laura gets the opportunity to be a temporary teacher for a nearby town. Almanzo drives her to the school. Laura realizes in this episode that Almanzo also has feelings for her. Their romance steps up another degree in this episode.

127. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not [2 parts] 05/05/80, 05/12/80
Almanzo asks for Laura's hand in marriage. Mr. Ingalls tells Almanzo to wait until Laura was eighteen. Not wanting to wait, Almanzo forces Laura to choose him or respect her father. Laura respects her father's wishes. Almanzo leaves town and causes Laura a lot of heartache. Harriet hires Percival Dalton to help her in the restaurant. Nellie and Percival fall in love and eventually Percival asks Nellie to marry him. Adam's father dies, which means that a new blind school wouldn't be built in Walnut Grove. Laura helps Adam and Mary set up a new blind school in Sleepy Eye to try to get her mind off of Almanzo. That doesn't work because Almanzo is also in Sleepy Eye. When Almanzo gets very sick, Laura rushes to help him. She finds out that he had been secretly helping to pay the rent for the blind school. Almanzo pulls through thanks to Laura being by his side. Mr. Ingalls decides to allow Almanzo to marry Laura in one year, instead of two. This is an episode that you will never forget!

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