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During the last season, the name of the show changed from "Little House on the Prairie" to "Little House: A New Beginning". In this season, the Carter family lives where the Ingalls did. In fact, the Ingalls are rarely seen during this season. The show concentrates more on the Wilders and the Carters.

Ninth Season (1982-1983)

165. Times Are Changing [2 parts]
166. Welcome To Olesonville
167. Rage
168. Little Lou
169. The Wild Boy [2 parts]
170. The Return of Nellie
171. The Empire Builders
172. Love
173. Alden's Dilemma
174. Marvin's Garden
175. Sins of the Fathers
176. The Older Brothers
177. Once Upon a Time
178. Home Again [2 hours]
179. A Child With No Name
180. The Last Summer
181. For the Love of Blanche
182. May I Have This Dance
183. Hello and Goodbye

184. Little House : Look Back to Yesterday [2 hours]
185. Bless All The Dear Children [2 hours]
186. Little House : The Last Farewell [2 hours]

165. Times Are Changing [2 parts] 09/27/82, 10/04/82
The Ingalls are forced to sell their house to the Carters and leave Walnut Grove to find a more promising life. Mrs. Carter begins printing a newspaper for Walnut Grove. Etta Plum becomes the teacher in Walnut Grove when Laura decides she wants to spend more time with Rose. Almanzo's brother, Royal, comes to Walnut Grove with his daughter, Jenny. Royal has a very bad heart and asks Laura and Almanzo to take care of his daughter since he was going to die soon. Jenny is devastated by her father's death. After talking to Reverend Alden about heaven, she tries to commit suicide by drowning so that she could be with her father again. Jeb Carter is able to save Jenny although he can't swim. Laura convinces Jenny that she should do what would make her parents proud.

166. Welcome To Olesonville 10/11/82
Harriet finds a bearer bond from Walnut Grove. She uses this to try to get people to follow her suggestions. She tells the town council that if she doesn't get her way, she will cash in the bond which would force the town to pay Mrs. Oleson over $10,000. First she decides to change the name of the town to Olesonville. Then she believes the city should have a mayor, namely, Nels. Before things get too far out of hand, an old resident appears and has the first in the series of the bond. This means that Mrs. Oleson really has no power over the city.

167. Rage 10/18/82
Mr. Stark finds out that he and his family will be evicted from their property after going very deep into debt. The fact that his wife was asking for more credit from the Oleson's and his daughter, Elizabeth was seeing the Page boy, causes the man's mind to snap. He goes home and shoots his wife and daughter, but they end up fully recovering. Several of the men in Walnut Grove begin looking for Mr. Stark. When Almanzo is away looking for the man, the crazy man comes into the Wilder's house believing that Laura and Jenny are his wife and daughter. When the search party goes over to the Wilders, the crazed man steps outside and is killed.

168. Little Lou 10/25/82
A tiny circus performer, Lou, decides to look for work in Walnut Grove after his wife dies while giving birth to his baby girl. A prejudice Mrs. Oleson uses her power to make sure that the dwarf doesn't find work. She even threatens Mr. Anderson that she would close her account at the bank if he hired Lou. To keep the infant alive, the dwarf must steal food. Mrs. Oleson decides to press charges when she finds out who stole the food. When Nancy falls in a well, Lou risks his life to save the girl. That's when Mrs. Oleson decides that being small has its advantages and decides to drop all charges.

169. Wild Boy [2 parts] 11/01/82, 11/08/82
A traveling side-show comes to Walnut Grove. The main attraction is a wild boy. The wild boy escapes and becomes friends with the Wilders. The boy turns out to be Matthew Roger and the reason he acts wild is become he is given morphine. Mr. Edwards keeps Matthew at his place, but Nancy Oleson tells on him. A judge comes and rules that Matthew be placed in an institution. Then Mr. Edwards makes a statement that everyone is crazy sometime. He convinces the judge to allow the boy to stay with Mr. Edwards.

170. Return of Nellie 11/15/82
Nellie returns to Walnut Grove and discovers that Nancy is a lot worse than she ever was. When Nancy isn't the center of attention, she runs away. Nels and Nellie search until they find her. Just when they think Nancy has learned a valuable lesson, she proves that she really hasn't.

171. The Empire Builders 11/22/82
The people of Walnut Grove are at first excited when the railroad wants to build through the town. This excitement doesn't last long. The railroad tells several people that they must leave their houses. The people make a stand at the Carter's place. This delay in building convinces the railroad to find a different route.

172. Love 11/29/82
Laura's childhood friend, Jane Canfield, comes back to Walnut Grove. Although she is blind, she falls in love with Mr. Edwards, a person who was old enough to be her father. Jane then undergoes an operation which allows her to see again. After a lot of soul searching, Mr. Edwards tells Jane that she should go out and find herself a better life. At the end of the show, we see Mr. Edwards in the distance watching Jane leave on the stagecoach.

173. Alden's Dilemma 12/06/82
A reverend that is passing through Walnut Grove arouses the suspicions of Reverend Alden and Mr. Edwards. Reverend Alden believes that he will lose his congregation to the other reverend. Mr. Edwards notices that this reverend spends a lot of time with Mrs. Carter and Laura, which causes him to suspect the worse. It turns out that the reverend was here to present Reverend Alden with a present, a new house.

174. Marvin's Gardens 01/03/83
Jenny looses a necklace in a pond and almost drowns trying to get it. After the incident, she has partial brain damage and has to retrain herself to talk and walk. Jenny's friend, a retired doctor, helps Jenny to force herself to get better. Thanks to him, Jenny makes a complete recovery.

175. Sins Of The Father 01/10/83
When Mrs. Carter's mother dies, Sarah Carter's father comes to town. He tries to get the Carters to come with home back to New York. He wants the Carters to have a better life. The Carters tell him that home sweet home is in Walnut Grove. After a while, Sarah's father begins to understand while the Carters feel this way.

176. The Older Brothers 01/17/83
The Older Brothers is a gang that used to have a notorious reputation. First they hold up Mr. Edwards but end up losing the money. Then they try to get ransom money for Mr. Edwards but that doesn't go very well. When they realize that their is a reward out for their capture, they turn themselves in for the money. They end up never getting that either.

177. Once Upon A Time 01/24/83
Laura writes a book for a book writing contest. Her book is chosen. She travels to Minneapolis to work out a deal with the publisher. However, when the publisher wants her to change some parts in her book, she withdraws from the contest and goes back home.

178. Home Again [2 hours] 02/07/83
When Albert continually breaks the law, Charles takes him out of the big city and back to Walnut Grove. Albert doesn't change in Walnut Grove because he is addicted to morphine. Charles finally forces Albert to stop using morphine. He stays with Albert while he goes through withdrawal. Thanks to Charles, Albert is no longer addicted to morphine. We find out at the end of the show that Albert will become Dr. Albert Ingalls.

179. A Child With No Name 02/14/83
Laura gives birth to a baby boy. The baby is fine and healthy for a while. Then for no apparent reason the baby dies. To ease her mind of the death, she blames Doc Baker for what happened to her baby. Doc's reputation declines so much that he must leave town to find work. Just before Doc Baker leaves, Rose comes down with small pox. Doc must stay quarantined with the Wilders for two weeks. Watching the Doc save Rose's life causes Laura to rethink her attitude about Doc Baker. Laura and the rest of the town convince him to stay on.

180. The Last Summer
Jason Carter starts working for an old lady. Jason becomes great friends of the lady. However, Jason's mom believes the lady is being too nice. Jason is forbidden to work for the old lady until Sarah finds out that the lady will soon die.

181. For The Love of Blanche 03/07/83
Mr. Edwards promises a friend that he would take care of Blanche, an orangutan. Mr. Edwards tries to find a zoo that will take her. Before he does, Mrs. Oleson calls a sheriff to come out and put Blanche to sleep. Just before Blanche is going to be killed she goes up a tree. That's when they find out that a zoo wants to take Blanche in.

182. May I Have This Dance 03/14/83
An old friend tells Laura that she will inherit a large house when she passes on. After the friend dies, Laura decides to turn the house into a boarding house. Willie decides to marry Rachel Brown. Mrs. Oleson is opposed to this and tries to get Rachel to leave him. When Willie finds out what his mom has done, he stands up to her. Willie and Rachel get married and move into the boarding house.

183. Hello and Goodbye 03/21/83
Montague stays at the Wilder boarding house while he is at Walnut Grove researching for a book that he is writing. Matthew Roger has a hard decision to make when his biological father shows up. Matthew decides to leave Mr. Edwards and go with his father. Mr. Edwards moves into the boarding house so he wouldn't be lonely anymore.

Here are the specials. These movies aired after the show was over.

1. Little House: Look Back To Yesterday [2 hours] (1983)
Charles returns to Walnut Grove to try to get the farmers to share their crops. While Albert is at
home, he falls in love with Michelle. At home, Albert Ingalls begins having very severe nosebleeds and is very tired. When he is taken to a specialist, he finds out that he has a serious and usually
terminal blood disease. After finding this news out, he tries to live each day as if it is his last. At the end of the show, Albert and the children climb a tall hill to bury a time capsule. Albert struggles, but
makes it up the hill. The show ends without us knowing whether or not Albert survived.

2. Bless All The Dear Children [2 hours] (1983)
The Wilders and Mr. Edwards travel to Mankato. There, Rose is kidnapped. The Wilders and Mr. Edwards travel from town to town looking for her. They end up finding Rose on Christmas Eve.

3. Little House: The Last Farewell [2 hours] (1984)
The people of Walnut Grove learn that somebody else owns the town and this person wants
everybody to leave Walnut Grove. Everybody in the town decides that the person can have the land, but he can't have the town. The townspeople blow everything up to prevent anybody else from using their creation.

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